Press Release

For Immediate Release

May 16, 2022


Hacienda Heights, CA – Former Hacienda La Puente Unified (HLPUSD) School Board President Gino Kwok has announced his candidacy for HLPUSD District 4. Kwok, a trial attorney and law professor, has a proven track record from his 9-year tenure on the HLPUSD School Board (2011-20).


Among his many accomplishments include: bringing University of California approved Math and Science educational programs to HLPUSD schools; establishing summer math enrichment programs for Middle School students; expanding the Chinese Dual Immersion Program through the California Association of Bilingual Education; creating the Spanish Dual Immersion Program; creating the Korean Dual Immersion Program; expanding College Dual Enrollment classes (where high school students take college level courses at their high schools); and establishing the foundation for Early College (where high school students can earn up to 2 years credit toward a bachelor’s degree).


Mr. Kwok has served as School Board President twice. During his first School Board Presidency, he spearheaded a $40M capital improvement program across all HLPUSD schools–the first of its kind in HLPUSD history. He was also able to help HLPUSD secure one-time outside funding to build new football fields and running tracks at Wilson High School, Los Altos High School, Workman High School and La Puente High School. The basketball gyms at these high schools were also renovated.  This funding was also used to upgrade security systems and fire alarms throughout the entire School District to keep students safe.


Mr. Kwok also worked with LA County Supervisor Don Knabe during this time to build and open the beautiful $21.2M Hacienda Heights Community Center in 2014.


During his second Presidency, Mr. Kwok led Measure BB, a $148M Bond measure to build 21st Century Classrooms in HLPUSD schools. Measure BB was overwhelmingly approved by voters (76.96%). Among other accomplishments during this time were universal free breakfast for every student, an online District-wide library, and free PSAT and SAT testing in HLPUSD schools for every eligible student.


Another activity that was very meaningful to Mr. Kwok was helping high school students with their college applications. This included his “Mastering the UC Application” seminar that was an annual event at the HLPUSD College Fair. During Mr. Kwok’s time as a School Board Member, there have been a number of HLPUSD students that have been admitted to the 9 UC Campuses (e.g., UC Berkely, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Riverside), Ivy League Schools, USC, Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT.


Mr. Kwok is the first School Board Member in HLPUSD history to be elected to the Board of Directors for the California School Board Association (CSBA). CSBA represents all 1,000 school districts, 5,000 school board members, and the 6.2M students in California’s public schools. Mr. Kwok was able to bring valuable CSBA resources and insights to HLPUSD.


Mr. Kwok is the only School Board Member to provide scholarships for every high school, every high school band, and every middle school; and art scholarships from elementary to high school. He has also donated over 1,000 musical instruments to HLPUSD schools.


Mr. Kwok was born in El Salvador to Chinese parents. His mom and dad immigrated to America so that he and his younger brother would have a better life.


Mr. Kwok is a graduate of HLPUSD. He went from elementary school to high school in Hacienda Heights. His only child, a daughter, is also an HLPUSD student.


Mr. Kwok is a USC Law School Graduate and has been a trial attorney for over 20 years.


In 2020, HLPUSD went from at-large elections (where every voter in the school district votes) to district voting (where the school district is divided into 5 different voting areas). Mr. Kwok has waited the past 2 years to run for HLPUSD District 4 where he has had a home since he was in elementary school.






“I have known Gino Kwok for many years as a dedicated public servant and as someone who cares deeply about our students. He has strengthened the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District by expanding dual language immersion programs, establishing college approved math and science programs at the schools, and securing funding for school facilities. I’m proud to endorse Gino Kwok for the HLPUSD School Board.”


US Congresswoman Judy Chu (27th District CA)


“Our community deserves an accomplished, proven leader.  Re-Elect Gino Kwok to the Hacienda La Puente Unified School Board.  It is important that our API community is well represented by an experienced and qualified leader.  I strongly support Gino Kwok for District 4. Please join me in Re-Electing Gino Kwok for our kids’ best future.”


Assemblymember Lisa Calderon (CA State Assembly District 57)


“Hacienda La Puente Unified School Board needs a proven leader that has the experience, qualifications and accomplishments needed to improve our kids’ education.  This is why I am strongly supporting Gino Kwok for District 4. Please join me in making a positive difference for our children. Re-Elect Gino Kwok.”


Senator Bob Archuleta (CA State Senate District 32)


Gino Kwok has made HLPUSD a much better school district. From UC designed math and science courses to Chinese, Spanish and Korean dual language programs, he has transformed HLPUSD. Students have brighter futures because of him. I’m pleased to endorse Gino!”


Mike Eng, former Vice President, L.A. Community College District Board, and Assemblyman (ret).